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Sebastian Pintxos Bar was inspired by the city of San Sebastian also known as Donastia in the Basque region of Spain where tradition and modernity exist side by side. The importance given to food in this city, in all its forms, has made it a universal icon of gastronomy with the highest concentration of Michelin Stars per capita. Enlightened by this city, Sebastian Pintxos Bar is the ultimate expression of the pleasure of food. Going out for Pintxos at Sebastian is a social event and a way of getting to experience the Basque culture through its miniature cuisine.

Hand-crafted Decor
Live Music
Artful Good Vibes

Our Specialties

Explore our specialties: a fusion of tradition and innovation. Delight in Basque-inspired pintxos, paired with an extensive collection of gins and Spanish wines, crafted for a unique culinary journey.

Borrego Rostizado

Australian Lamb Chops, Mint Cucumber Yogurt, Crispy Onions, Herbs, Potato

Paella de Marisco

Saffron Scented Rice, Fresh Seafood, Pork Chorizo, Lemon Garlic Aioli, Paprika Sauce

Featuring a Botanical Gin Garden, Handcrafted Cocktails and Tableside Sangrias

Sebastián Pintxos Bar knows that in Spain is where the Fun Be Gin. At Sebastian we have collected more than 50 of the world’s finest gin and homemade tonics and botanicals for you to create your very own signature cocktail.  At Sebastian Pintxos Bar we have collaborated with some of the most talented mixologists to provide Atlanta with the most refreshing and extraordinary cocktails in the city. Sebastian’s Bodega carries the largest collection of Spanish wines and Cava’s in town. Our table side Sangria gives the guest a one of a kind experience. Finally, Txakoli has been linked to the culture of the Basque people for centuries. This unique cider wine is famous for being served with pintxos and at Sebastian Pintxos Bar the Basque tradition and culture will be served with every dish.

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